Cops caught on tape raping a women

This is by far one of the most horrendous things i have ever seen…

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24 Responses to Cops caught on tape raping a women

  1. LawlessRazor says:

    Terrible stuff , I mean horrible.But it says RAPE was she raped or just treated terribly wrong

  2. Jere9my9uh says:

    @MrJishyrey69 Im sure they didn’t get fired.. After I got pulled over last year and being accused of lying and searched without any consent, the pig told me that most cops have criminal records themselves and his partner was charged with assault.. Why would he tell me this? & yes its true. im so sick of this ‘government’.. Lazy, lying, and straight peutrid. They’re no better than any crack-addicted con-artist. But they act as though they always obey the laws they outlandishly enforce. fuck 5-0!

  3. insaneclownposse7199 says:

    Late one night a woman was walking home when a man grabbed her and dragged her into the bushes.

    “Help me! Help me!” she screamed. “I’m being robbed!”

    “You ain’t being robbed” her attacker interrupted. “You’re being screwed!”

    The woman looked down at her attacker as he unzipped his jeans. “If you’re screwing me with that,” she fumed, “I am being robbed!”

  4. HyperActive1OO says:

    stupid cunts they dont know anything except how to be a fucking moron i wouldnt be surprised if these cops got SEVERELY beaten up, if i ever met them i would spit in their faces, fucking scum, you shouldnt treat women like that, infact you shouldnt treat anyone like that

  5. jasenheidi says:

    fucking disgusting!!!

  6. Ragedhard says:

    So is there any reason NOT to just start blasting cops whenever you see them?

  7. grindstonerush says:

    mmmmmmmmm… *lick lips*

  8. xxhelenb24xx says:

    this is sick as fuck but is not rape!

  9. Sololife14 says:

    @MyGwendel Well, Thankfully for the world, I’m going to college to major in law enforcement, so there will be at least one police officer who has 0 intentions of abusing his powers.

  10. MyGwendel says:

    @Sololife14 videotaping is mandatory, it’s supposed to protect the officers from any allegation of misconduct or abuse, but most cops are so stupid they end up taping themselves doing all kinds of shit they aren’t supposed to. cops aren’t allowed to have an IQ over 50, so…you know…these things will happen.

  11. MyGwendel says:

    @MrJishyrey69 lol, no, when cops get in trouble all that happens is paid “leave” while an investigation takes place. in other words, they are REWARDED with a PAID vacation, at YOUR (taxpayer’s) expense. but i hope she got a huge financial settlement.

  12. MyGwendel says:

    get used to seeing a lot more of this. it’s getting worse, not better.

  13. PrettyGirlSwag123216 says:

    what is she screaming?

  14. uncoverbrother says:

    something’s missing in this story. this woman is no shrinking violet.

  15. 1Sleepy7 says:

    Cant deny its right there but why so many boys only girls were sepposed to strip no guys police is so stupid

  16. Sololife14 says:

    Main question running through my mind… Why would police officers need to record a strip search? Not like you can really call that a strip search… Didn’t see any “searching” done, just violation…

  17. MegaAnonFag says:

    This is why the Police have to be stopped. They are going to far and have become the new Mafia.

  18. nightshade2223 says:

    here down south we dont call the cops we jerk u up take u to a mtn and tie u to a tree a leave and its a system that works very well no cops no lawyers just rope and a tree in the middle of nowhere

  19. youpumpertube says:

    This is what happens when you give idiot bullies guns and a badge. This happens all the time. I hate fucking pigs.

  20. userCSL1 says:

    what fucking filth.

  21. SirGuzzBuzz says:

    how the hell were they video taping this

  22. mdmorri3 says:

    @mattz1010 Please define rape, because apparently I haven’t any idea what rape means.

  23. Tryoutz747 says:

    @louie77 Very intelligent input. Your response is so very clever! Such a smart girl you are! So brilliant! You should run for president!

  24. GeneticallySuperior1 says:

    I’m just sayin- cops nationally will eventually be targeted for murder (just like in Mexico) for their abhorrent behavior. There won’t be many cops left after all is said & done (at least with the ones that have the balls to admit their cops) lmao

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