Chupacabra sightings Video Pics of a live Chupacabra Caught on tape 2013 # Chupacabra

Chupacabrasightings # Chupacabra A chupacabra is a legendary animal rumored to feed on the blood of goats. Believers said it’s making its way into Oklahoma …

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25 Responses to Chupacabra sightings Video Pics of a live Chupacabra Caught on tape 2013 # Chupacabra

  1. Magallanes Jhonson says:

    loved the vid make more

  2. Joshua Knoller says:


  3. Jesse Mill says:

    liked liked liked!!!!!!

  4. OfficialHotMusic says:

    I look forward to your videos :3

  5. sammi nortin says:


  6. TrillestMusicOut says:

    make more please

  7. kellyforbes100 says:


  8. Kaido Liiva says:

    this is awesome, you need more views

  9. Fredric Cato says:

    I look forward to your videos :3 !!!

  10. Ivan Voloshyn says:

    cool video, i really like it::) keep it up

  11. Jonaa Balderas says:

    Es un xoloscuintle jajaja

  12. Adrian Bobba says:

    Stupid people

  13. catatal01 says:

    um cachorro c sarna

  14. Isabele Ramos says:

    Não tem nada a vet

  15. kilian06122703 says:

    Hahahah chupacabra from walking dead

  16. arcticmonkey11 says:

    Oh my god,I didnt know they are real! Gosh! Record more!

  17. EverythingCatsTV says:

    What’s up? can you check out our videos and if you like them, sub us please? =) thanks for reading have a nice day:)

  18. Julia Thu says:

    Horrible! We need care more to them. I hope they get our care they deserve.

  19. qkRaggs91 says:

    Jeez that’s a crazy video. I still don’t know if it’s real.

  20. FPMA 2.6 says:

    Another outstanding video made by you. I can not wait to tell all my friends about your new video. Awesome.

  21. AnemicEdits says:

    Oh wow haha this video is pretty crazy. didn’t think I’d ever see that haha.

  22. Jason Andrews says:

    Holy moley! I didn’t know they were real! Thanks for the video.

  23. BugDaVideoGamer says:

    OMG a real chupacabra! I knew it was real! Showing this to my friends now! I bet them 20 bucks that its real and now 20 bucks is mine HAHAHAHHAH!

  24. Koleton Haws says:

    NO WAY! is that actually the real chupacabra?! thats freakin awesome!

  25. Chase Benjamin says:

    Holy Crap their reall wow great job on the video btw

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